From our Classic Archives, originally published in January/February 2004

“Let’s take a drive,” Mike said as he took my hand and led me out of my parents’ home.

Easter Sunday 1994 will always be special. The morning started with a beautiful Easter church service with Mike, so handsome, sitting by my side. After church, we dined on my mother’s Cajun feast, and then he suggested taking a drive. I could not imagine a better ending to a near-perfect day.

We drove to St. Lawrence Park in Morgan City, Louisiana, about 20 minutes from my parents’ home. St. Lawrence Park has been the setting of many of my most cherished memories. My parents and grandparents brought me there often as a child. I remember swinging higher and higher on the swing set. I would close my eyes and imagine that I was flying through a rainbow. I remember singing with my mother and chasing pigeons.

How did I make the happiest place I have ever known more special? I shared it with Mike. We had many strolls and picnics in St. Lawrence Park. We brought his nieces to play and chase the pigeons. One day, while visiting the park with his nieces, I brought the girls to the fountain in the center. The fountain was old, green, and slimy. It did not look like any place special, but it was. I shared with the girls the beautiful story my parents often retold. My dad proposed to my mom on the steps of this very fountain. This old, green, slimy fountain was one of the most beautiful places in the world to me.

As Mike and I trolled through the park on this beautiful Easter Sunday, I could not resist becoming sentimental. I loved this park. I loved everything about this park. We walked past the old fountain. He took my hand and guided me up the steps, and then he stopped and dropped down onto one knee. His eyes began to water and his chin quivered as he slipped the ring onto my finger and asked, “Will you marry me?”

How did I make the happiest place in the world even more special? I simply said, “Yes!”

—Trisha Kilpatrick from Tennessee

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