From our Classic Archives, originally published November/December 2003 issue

words just for you

Yes, my darling, just for you,

my thoughts presented with a rose,

the candle burns with a flickering light,

take my hand and just suppose…


Suppose I looked into your eyes,

gazed deep inside and spoke your name,

suppose you answered me in kind

and the candle burned with brighter flame.


Suppose I leaned in for a kiss,

let you taste my tender heat,

suppose I reached to touch your face

while our kisses lingered deep.


Now my darling just suppose,

I let my fingers trail down your skin.

Feathery sensations as light as air,

releasing shivers from within.


Tender thoughts flow from my mind

for you to wear like a silken shift,

I send my thoughts to warm your world

I send my words as a favored gift.


Yes, my darling, just suppose,

I held you close tonight…


—Tim Larkin

Langley, B.C., Canada

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