From our Classic Archives, originally published September/October 2003 issue

There is always time
for that which is said
over the blackest of coffees
in the cosiest of cafes
to people
looking into
each other’s eyes
so deeply
they see themselves
reflected there.

There is always time
to speak the words
that rise up a thousand times
but catch in the throat
by the invisible barrier
that says these words
cannot be taken back
but will linger forever
once spoken.

There is always time
to live in those moments
when time stops passing
and watches stop ticking
because hearts are beating
so loudly the sounds disappear
in a haze of longing
and loving
and happiness.

There is always time
for the precious
the pleasures
the loved ones
the treasures
the moments
that seem to last a second
but linger for a lifetime.

Shelley Ann Wake, Aberglasslyn, NSW, Australia

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