From our Classic Archives, originally published January/February 2004

Naught else can thrill my heart again:
Like that sweet taste of Paradise…
The kiss we shared, the first!… And then,
The look of love within your eyes!

The warmth of you so close beside;
Your trembling heart against my breast;
Spoke sweet of what could e’er betide:
The answer to a lover’s quest.

The magic of that ecstasy,
Ten thousand years cannot erase;
That pristine kiss you gave to me,
Etched Paradise in Time and Space!

—Elsan H. Stafford*, Oregon

Elsan Stafford passed on in January of 2007.

World War II veteran, father of four, 89 years old at the time of this poem's 
publication, Elsan was a freelance writer and novelist for over sixty years, 
Elsan H. Safford has had a number of poems, short stories and journalistic 
pieces published in both regional and national publications during his long 
literary career.

His favorite authors who inspired him the most were Edgar Allan Poe, Thomas Wolfe, 
Victor Hugo and George Byron, to name a few.

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