The first few months of married life are a time of adjustment for both you and your wife. You may think that
you know Abby and what makes her tick, but you are wrong, my friend, wrong.

In many ways, it is easier to adjust to the BIG things involved in living together than it is in adjusting to the small
things. Read on for some examples that are loaded with profound wisdom and advice.


On many day-to-day issues, Abby and you will be in full agreement and will be totally compatible, which is wonderful since it causes no controversy or dilemma for either one of you. There will be other issues, however, where the two of you are not in agreement, which will result in your needing to work out a compromise. Here is a simple example: In your bathroom is a roll of toilet paper on a holder. Now, the paper can either roll over the top, or roll under the bottom. If you are both top rollers or are both bottom rollers, no problem – perfect compatibility. But, if one of you is a top roller and the other is a bottom roller, you have an issue with the tissue. And, this is not a small issue, since you will both come face to face with it several times a day and if the paper rolls the wrong way, it will irritate you, or Abby, each and every time. No shit.

Quote from Peter Davidson about sharing the journey of life together. Week 1This is where compromise is going to be necessary. The two of you just can’t go on switching the toilet paper from a top roller to a bottom roller and back again every time either of you hits the John.

Most likely, the reason you are either a top roller or bottom roller is because that’s the way it was in your parent’s home and that seems the way it’s supposed to be. The same is true of your wife; it’s a family tradition.

So, we have now identified the problem, but have not come up with a solution, so far. As previously stated, you cannot go on forever, each switching the toilet paper to match your top roller or bottom roller preference; you need to settle on one method and stick with it.

It is hereby recommended that you give in to Abby’s preference, but there are potential rewards for you as well. For one thing, it will serve as a powerful incentive for you to work hard to become successful enough to have your own bathroom where you can roll the toilet paper as you damn well please. For another, think of the fun you can have when Abby’s family comes to visit and you switch the toilet paper from her family’s roller preference to your own. It will completely puzzle and bewilder them and, for a moment, give them the impression that it is you who is running the show, albeit a false impression.

Happy rolling!

Excerpt is from Marital Advice to my Grandson, Joel: How to be a husband your wife won’t throw out of the window in the middle of the night, Pages 13 – 14
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