Paid off $125,000 of debt in 30 months

What was their secret to getting out of debt?

Evan and Dana are a young married couple. They were house-hunting when the question of payments came up. Dave Ramsey quote about the importance of educating children about moneyIt was at this time that Evan found out his wife, Dana, had brought student loan debt into the marriage. She had never brought it up before the marriage or during the first year of marriage because she thought she could handle it on their own. They recognized that they were afraid to discuss money before they married and even the first year of their marriage for fear it’d lead to a fight.

Dana didn’t want to uncover the nasty beasts in the closet, thinking there was no way they could get out of debt. But his dad introduced them to Financial Peace University and after some time, they adopted the baby steps outlined in the program.


Evan saw that once they assigned a name to every dollar, that’s when they began making progress in paying off their debt.

Listen to this young couple’s turning point

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